“Kujua” means to know in Swahili. “Safari” means a trip, a voyage, and a journey. To truly know Uganda and its people, travel with with Kujua Safaris.

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The radiologist who grows coffee and harvests honey. The tour operator who has plans for his cocoa crop. The accountant who’s plotting where to start his farm. The school director who’s mango farm is ripe for a bed & breakfast.
In Uganda, nearly everyone is an organic farmer. 
For as successful as each of their professional careers may be, the ties to nature run strong. That’s why Kujua Safaris is about using each of our tours to truly know Uganda.
To us, no tour of Uganda is complete without embracing and experiencing what the Ugandan community has to offer.
Each of the below itineraries features the natural elements that make Uganda so unique with the cultural element that makes any trip to Uganda so unforgettable.
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