“Kujua” means to know in Swahili. “Safari” means a trip, a voyage, and a journey. To truly know Uganda and its people, travel with with Kujua Safaris.

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Uganda Experiences

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In addition to safaris that support local communities, Kujua Safaris is committed to creating events and experiences that share benefits, too. Here, we’ll share the projects we’re developing and collaborating on to raise the profiles of different communities throughout Uganda.
The Ugandan

Coffee Run

Slated for a launch in the fall of 2022, the Ugandan Coffee Run is in support of women coffee growers in the Sipi Falls / Mt. Elgon district. 
Designed to be a 42k, 21k, and 10k run, the proceeds from this international event will go directly to support coffee farming projects, improving capacities, and benefiting coffee growing communities in the region.

Tourism Uganda

Through capacity building and regular review, Kujua Safaris is dedicated to making Uganda the premier destination for coffee tourism in Uganda. Touch, taste, and smell the coffee that’s fast becoming an international sensation for its renowned quality and impressive production. With farming communities growing arabica coffee on both the eastern and western sides of the country, we’re happy to connect you with the right tour for you.
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in Uganda

Each of our tours supports local smallholder farmers. From the coffee growers in Mt. Elgon in Eastern Uganda to the demonstration farms at the foot of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, we ensure that for every natural wonder you see, you’ll also be experiencing the wonders of the Ugandan people’s passion for nature and farming. 
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