“Kujua” means to know in Swahili. “Safari” means a trip, a voyage, and a journey. To truly know Uganda and its people, travel with with Kujua Safaris.

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Kujua means to know in Swahili. “Safari” means a trip, a voyage, and a journey. To truly know Uganda and its people, travel with Kujua Safaris.
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Uganda may be a world away, but when you get here, you’ll get to know it like you’ve been here your whole life. With Kujua Safaris, you get the hands-on experience and amazing moments that make a lifetime of memories.

Because life in Uganda has its roots in the ground and stretches its tendrils to the sky, truly knowing Uganda means tasting, trying, and touching for yourself.

Welcome people, warm hospitality, and wildlife like you’ve only read about await you in Uganda.

Why Travel With

Kujua Safaris

Through Kujua Safaris, we prioritize agritourism. By this, we make sure every tour we lead contributes to support the smallholder farming communities throughout Uganda, with a special emphasis on supporting and empowering women and women-led projects.

Agritourism is a beautiful way of understanding and experiencing a farmer’s connection to the land and to her community. Since Uganda is truly a country of people dedicated to nature, each Kujua Safaris trip highlights experiences you can only have here – with benefits that go toward supporting these communities in a responsible way, even after your tour has come to an end.

“Uganda is from end to end a beautiful garden where staple food of the people almost grows without labor. Does it not sound like a paradise on earth? It is the Pearl of Africa”. Winston Churchill on Safari in Uganda in 1907

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Meet In Uganda

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    Custom-Made Ugandan Adventure?

    Having worked with over 125,000 smallholder farmers throughout the country through the Agro-Tourism Association, Kujua Safaris has deep ties to the farmers that make Uganda as unique as it is. 

    For an agritourism adventure that looks and tastes unlike any you’ve ever been on, send us a message. We’ll respond within 24 hours to start working on your custom itinerary!


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