“Kujua” means to know in Swahili. “Safari” means a trip, a voyage, and a journey. To truly know Uganda and its people, travel with with Kujua Safaris.

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Kujua Safaris

Joseph Taremwa

Since childhood, Joseph has been engaged in farming activities with his family. These activities ultimately enabled him to raise the necessary money to pay for education. After graduating, he realized many smallholder farmers were earning very little from their farming activities – if they were earning at all. To solve this, he founded Agro-Tourism Association (ATA) to support farming communities, with a special focus on women farmers, who farm in the proximity of the conservation areas to earn an extra income. 


For about 10 years, Joseph has been advocating, supporting and training smallholder farming communities on how they can increase their incomes by diversifying their agribusinesses.


Alex Jeffries

After a career as an award-winning television producer in Los Angeles, Alex turned the summers he’d spent managing tourism projects and living abroad into a life shift, moving to Paris, France to obtain a Master’s in the Management of International Tourism from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. 


Since then, he has worked with tourism at a national and international level with organizations such as the United Nations Development Programme and International Trade Centre and with countries including France, Rwanda, Uganda, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.


We Are Kujua Safaris

Since completing research coffee tourism’s potential in Uganda and meeting Joseph, Alex’s efforts have been centered around driving impacts to local communities through responsible tourism. He continues that work through his digital tourism development agency Passport Creative.

Together, Alex and Joseph support the agritourism sector through training, resources, and a twice-weekly letter newsletter called Agritourism For All.

Kujua Safaris puts the benefits of agritourism – that combination of local agricultural communities and excited, passionate travelers – toward the growth and development of smallholder farmers throughout the country. In this way, you’ll get a sensational experience that leaves a sustainable impact, making your travel all the more special.

Discovering Uganda – 21 Days


Western Uganda – 10 Days


Uganda Bird-Watching Tour – 10 Days


Gorilla Safari & Chimpanzee Tracking – 8 Days


Agritourism Safari – 15 Days

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